National Stationery Show – 8 tips to remember-

With the Set up days just ahead for the National Stationery Show, here are a few tips from me… LLoyd Stone, President, Manny Stone Decorators

1) Headlines sell newspapers … Have a Bold company sign – you logo – posted above eye level – on your back wall if possible.

2) Post your booth number at least 3″ numbers on a 12″x6″ size sign on each side wall of your booth.

3) INSURE that your foam board is certified FLAME RESISTANT – If tested by the fire marshal, a 10 second flame test may be the criteria. If the foam board continues to burn after 10 seconds under the flame, it must be removed from the exhibit. MSD has the “right stuff.”

4) Wear comfortable walking shoes, sneakers or other footwear. I have never heard of a sales rep losing a sale because of the shoes/sneakers they wore at a show.

5) Bring a few bottles of water for yourself so you can stay hydrated each day.

6) Consider a giveaway with your company logo and url on it. It should be something that you do not sell! Why limit your sales potential by giving away something that you do sell? Make it something the average buyer would want two of… like

7) Remember – you are a farmer. Plant your seeds, water them, fertilize them and let the sunshine – Take buyers business cards – do your homework and follow up with email, personal notes and phone calls to develop new relationships.

Best of luck in New York City and enjoy our great city while you are here!

LLoyd Stone
President, Manny Stone Decorators

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