Going Green with a Bright White Crispy Clean Look

Manny Stone Decorators is happy to introduce our LED 55W arm lamp – which produces more light with less electricity saving energy and money.

LED lamp

To give you an idea of the potential savings, follow us through this example: if six 200w Halogen arm lamps are ordered*, you would need to order 1 plug strip (E29) at a cost of $40 along with E27 which is 1000w – 1500w at a price of $220 (these prices are the advance rate).

But if you order six 55w LED arm lamps*, you still need to order 1 plug strip (E29) for $40, but your corresponding advance rate for the E25 (which goes up to 500w) is only $109. Your energy savings: 1000w; your cost savings: $103.

*The installation and removal of the rental halogens are subject to mandatory electricians services of $120 per hour straight time.

Take a look at the bright white cripsy clean look with these LED arm lamps:

trade show booth with LED lights