National Stationery Show – 8 tips to remember-

With the Set up days just ahead for the National Stationery Show, here are a few tips from me… LLoyd Stone, President, Manny Stone Decorators

1) Headlines sell newspapers … Have a Bold company sign – you logo – posted above eye level – on your back wall if possible.

2) Post your booth number at least 3″ numbers on a 12″x6″ size sign on each side wall of your booth.

3) INSURE that your foam board is certified FLAME RESISTANT – If tested by the fire marshal, a 10 second flame test may be the criteria. If the foam board continues to burn after 10 seconds under the flame, it must be removed from the exhibit. MSD has the “right stuff.”

4) Wear comfortable walking shoes, sneakers or other footwear. I have never heard of a sales rep losing a sale because of the shoes/sneakers they wore at a show.

5) Bring a few bottles of water for yourself so you can stay hydrated each day.

6) Consider a giveaway with your company logo and url on it. It should be something that you do not sell! Why limit your sales potential by giving away something that you do sell? Make it something the average buyer would want two of… like

7) Remember – you are a farmer. Plant your seeds, water them, fertilize them and let the sunshine – Take buyers business cards – do your homework and follow up with email, personal notes and phone calls to develop new relationships.

Best of luck in New York City and enjoy our great city while you are here!

LLoyd Stone
President, Manny Stone Decorators

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Foam board sizes in a metric booth space

foam board sizes in a metric booth

Please forgive me if this lesson in trade show metric adaptation appears complicated or condescending. It is not intended that way.

Please look at the image.

The accurate insert wall “panels” at a 90.5 inches in height and 38.125 inches in width are NOT to be confused with the top-to-bottom measurements required when using foam board panels as perimeter walls. The foam board walls may be color coated with ink (not painted) or they may be used for applied graphics.

The foam board must be 96″ tall (standard height) so that it can act as an inner wall perimeter surface. The standard width is 48″ per panel.

The accurate measurements necessary for those metric measurements of the 3 meters by
3 meters exhibit space converted to imperial measurements in inches of 10’x10’x10′.

SO – THIS is accurate:

  • 3 meters – known as 10 feet (which it’s NOT) is actually 117 inches
  • For a 20′ back wall, 6 meters – known as 20 feet (NOT) is actually 234 inches. Therefore, one should use four 48″ wide panels and one 42″ wide panel when planning graphics.
  • For a 3 meter by 3 meter or 10’x10′ – IF you maintain the 48″ widths of the first two panels and size the remaining panel at 21.5 inches (allowing for the thickness of the side wall butting into the back wall ), you will SAVE one panel of foam board when assessing your total foam board needs.

This allows 8 panels to be used for a 10’x10’x10′ instead of 9 panels.

Try NOT to make your sides 117 divided into 3 equal pieces or it makes the costs climb for labor and materials.

You Be the Writer, I’ll Be the Editor

dsc03546Rent a Custom Booth
by LLoyd Stone

Have a booth built to rent. Do not have a booth built to purchase. By renting, the booth should look like new each time you contract for its use. By renting, you attain great flexibility – something especially important during uncertain economic times.

Give us your wish list. You write the story. I will edit it. I can reflect your companies personality in a custom designed and custom built booth which Manny Stone Decorators will build to rent to you.

As you grow, you may need more space in which you can exhibit. Your exposures may change. One show you may have a corner, the next an inline 3 wall.

One show you may be able to build 8′ tall – another show the height restriction may be 12′.

Some shows have line of sight (low side wall) rules. Other shows allow 8′ height on all walls. By renting, you can roll with the punches and take advantage of show management’s sales department opportunities.

A rental exhibit allows you to change the size and configuration of your booth from show to show. Such flexibility allows you to experiment with size, shape and color to create the space that best presents your product.

Create A Double Take… Focus On Lighting

If the buyer can not see it, how can you sell it?

lighting for trade show boothsThe best lighting related value at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center is the Par Can lamp. Par Cans provide 1000w of power hung over the aisle in front of your exhibit. The Javits advance rate price of each par can is $630. This price includes the rental of the fixture, the Javits licensed electricians’ labor required for installation and removal and the electricity. Par Can is listed as S85 on the electrical service order form.

Manny Stone Decorators is happy to introduce our LED 55W arm lamp – which produces more light with less electricity saving energy and money.

lighting for trade show boothsTo give you an idea of the potential savings, follow us through this example: if six 200w Halogen arm lamps are ordered*, you would need to order 1 plug strip (E29) at a cost of $40 along with E27 which is 1000w – 1500w at a price of $220 (these prices are the advance rate).

But if you order six 55w LED arm lamps*, (you still need to order 1 plug strip (E29) for $40,) but the corresponding advance rate for the E25 (which goes up to 500w) is only $109. Your energy savings: 1000w; your cost savings: $103.

*The installation and removal of the rental halogens are subject to licensed electricians services of $120 per hour straight time.

lighting for trade show boothsThe other JKJCC option which is all inclusive is the 200w twin gooseneck lamp. The advance rate price is $200 each. The rental of the fixture, the licensed electricians service required for installation and removal and the electricity are all included. Twin Lamps are listed as E33 on the electrical service order form.

lighting for trade show boothsWhen renting Manny Stone Decorators’ 200w halogen arm lamps, which may only be attached to framed hard wall or show provided MIS system booths, please order the appropriate amount of power and a 6 plug strip from the electrical service order form.

The halogen lamps are much cooler than the par cans and offer softer lighting which may be focused on your merchandise or logo.

By example: if 6 lamps are ordered, you need to order 1 plug strip E29 @$40, advance rate, and E27 which is 1000w – 1500w @$220, advance rate. The installation and removal of the rental halogens are subject to licensed electricians services of $120 per hour straight time.