A Bright Idea

As an exhibitor, you have many choices to make when planning your exhibit booth at Javits. Today we are focused on lighting.

Why is that important to understand?

Bringing attention to your merchandise within your booth is best achieved when you enhance your exhibit space with proper additional lighting.

Javits Center lighting is primarily a cold, stark, cool white. The overhead convention center lighting at Javits could be a combination of various color temperatures due to the use of different lighting fixtures that emit various colors.

Mixing warm white or yellow halogen lighting with cool white lighting is unattractive, disruptive and confusing to the perception of products, graphics and company message within your booth space.

The importance of cost effective LED lighting illuminating the booth space and your merchandise cannot be stressed enough. The LED arm light fixtures brings the buyer’s attention to your merchandise, graphics and signage as it brightens your booth by reflecting off of our white masonite flooring (optional).

State of the art LED arm light fixtures – which are powerful and cool to touch – each with an adjustable light head, are now offered by Manny Stone Decorators – see order forms here.

PAL25XL LED arm lamp for trade show booths

These lights are available in both standard 21” long and 29” long extended arm light fixtures. The light output of these LED Light Fixtures is 250 Watt / 2400 Lumens which is much brighter than that of a traditional 200 watt quartz halogen lamp, yet only uses 25Watts of Electric (per light).

These lights produce a consistent Natural White color designed to bring out the best illumination for your products and graphic message.

LED arm lamp trade show lighting

New technology has also brought an efficient time and money saving “daisy chain” linking installation option. This reduces Javits electricians labor time and labor costs to you.

Electricians can now link / daisy chain up to 9 arm lights instead of wiring each light to the plug strip for your power supply.

When ordering electricity from Javits, please utilize this link:


Going Green with a Bright White Crispy Clean Look

Manny Stone Decorators is happy to introduce our LED 55W arm lamp – which produces more light with less electricity saving energy and money.

LED lamp

To give you an idea of the potential savings, follow us through this example: if six 200w Halogen arm lamps are ordered*, you would need to order 1 plug strip (E29) at a cost of $40 along with E27 which is 1000w – 1500w at a price of $220 (these prices are the advance rate).

But if you order six 55w LED arm lamps*, you still need to order 1 plug strip (E29) for $40, but your corresponding advance rate for the E25 (which goes up to 500w) is only $109. Your energy savings: 1000w; your cost savings: $103.

*The installation and removal of the rental halogens are subject to mandatory electricians services of $120 per hour straight time.

Take a look at the bright white cripsy clean look with these LED arm lamps:

trade show booth with LED lights