Foam board sizes in a metric booth space

foam board sizes in a metric booth

Please forgive me if this lesson in trade show metric adaptation appears complicated or condescending. It is not intended that way.

Please look at the image.

The accurate insert wall “panels” at a 90.5 inches in height and 38.125 inches in width are NOT to be confused with the top-to-bottom measurements required when using foam board panels as perimeter walls. The foam board walls may be color coated with ink (not painted) or they may be used for applied graphics.

The foam board must be 96″ tall (standard height) so that it can act as an inner wall perimeter surface. The standard width is 48″ per panel.

The accurate measurements necessary for those metric measurements of the 3 meters by
3 meters exhibit space converted to imperial measurements in inches of 10’x10’x10′.

SO – THIS is accurate:

  • 3 meters – known as 10 feet (which it’s NOT) is actually 117 inches
  • For a 20′ back wall, 6 meters – known as 20 feet (NOT) is actually 234 inches. Therefore, one should use four 48″ wide panels and one 42″ wide panel when planning graphics.
  • For a 3 meter by 3 meter or 10’x10′ – IF you maintain the 48″ widths of the first two panels and size the remaining panel at 21.5 inches (allowing for the thickness of the side wall butting into the back wall ), you will SAVE one panel of foam board when assessing your total foam board needs.

This allows 8 panels to be used for a 10’x10’x10′ instead of 9 panels.

Try NOT to make your sides 117 divided into 3 equal pieces or it makes the costs climb for labor and materials.