You Be the Writer, I’ll Be the Editor

dsc03546Rent a Custom Booth
by LLoyd Stone

Have a booth built to rent. Do not have a booth built to purchase. By renting, the booth should look like new each time you contract for its use. By renting, you attain great flexibility – something especially important during uncertain economic times.

Give us your wish list. You write the story. I will edit it. I can reflect your companies personality in a custom designed and custom built booth which Manny Stone Decorators will build to rent to you.

As you grow, you may need more space in which you can exhibit. Your exposures may change. One show you may have a corner, the next an inline 3 wall.

One show you may be able to build 8′ tall – another show the height restriction may be 12′.

Some shows have line of sight (low side wall) rules. Other shows allow 8′ height on all walls. By renting, you can roll with the punches and take advantage of show management’s sales department opportunities.

A rental exhibit allows you to change the size and configuration of your booth from show to show. Such flexibility allows you to experiment with size, shape and color to create the space that best presents your product.