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Management team of Manny Stone Decorators

Lloyd Stone, Manny Stone, and Paul Schultz

A trade show display by Manny Stone Decorators can be your company's most valuable sales tool. Each creative trade show presentation is personally designed for you.

Manny Stone Decorators is a family owned business offering three generations of trade show and visual merchandising expertise. Service is our number one priority. Verbal, written and visual communications are the keys to 65 years of success. Our clients are served nationwide. A Jacob K. Javits authorized, licensed and fully insured, independent contractor and booth provider, we are also known as an E.A.C.

We create and supervise the design, installation, and dismantling of both custom made and generically formatted trade show booths either leased or sold constructed of a variety of materials in different styles, shapes and sizes.

Manny Stone Decorators respects your company's budget and offers excellent value as we design, fabricate, and lease hard wall booths. They may be covered in vinyl, felt, paint or a variety of laminates. We offer grid wall booths, free standing grids, pegboard, perfboard, and slatwall booths on a rental basis.

Manny Stone Decorators have serviced clients at the following locations:

  • International Gift Fair, New York
  • National Stationery Show, New York
  • Hotel/Motel Show, New York
  • ENK Childrens Club, New York
  • Moda Manhattan, New York
  • Accessories The Show, New York
  • American International Toy Fair, New York
  • Licensing Show, New York
  • ENK Accessories Circuit, New York
  • ENK Intermezzo, New York
  • Pet Industry Spring Trade Show, Atlantic City
  • WWD Magic, Las Vegas
  • Magic Kids Show, Las Vegas
  • Magic Show, Las Vegas
  • Off Price Specialty Show
  • WWIN (WomensWear In Nevada), Las Vegas
  • Kidshow, Las Vegas

Lloyd Stone, President of Manny Stone DecoratorsHello, my name is Lloyd Stone, and I am the second generation President of Manny Stone Decorators. I am always available to hear your questions or concerns. You may reach me directly at: lloyd@mannystone.com

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In Memoriam: Manny Stone

Manny Stone of Manny Stone DecoratorsAugust, 2016: We are sad to announce the passing of our patriarch, Manny Stone. He was 88 years old.

Manny will be remembered as a family man and an icon; a true trailblazer in the visual merchandising industry.

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the team at Manny Stone Decorators, building a trade show booth

Michael Dalcerro, Shanna Stone, Alex Stone, and Neil Golub, overseeing the installation and design of a trade show booth